1. play with the money you are willing to lose.

This is the golden rule of sports betting. Before you strive to win money on your predictions, you must get used to the idea that there is a high probability that you will lose. So before you play, don't make your eyes so big, and make sure that the money you bet is ready to be lost. The easiest way is to tell yourself that by betting on soccer, you lost your money. The gain will only be more enjoyable! This brings us to rule 2.

2. Don't be tempted.

A perfect example is PSG. Who could have imagined Manchester winning the 2019 Champions League 1/8 finals. And yet PSG had a rather weak rating, because of which we could easily be tempted to associate this bet with "safe" on paper at 4-5.

3. avoid famous friendly matches.

Betting on a soccer match can greatly affect the motivation of players and leaders. So keep in mind that betting on friendly matches turns out to be risky, and while some odds may be tempting, nothing beats the competition!

 4. Also avoid your favorite club.

Yes, it's true that it's tempting to believe in Nancy's victory at Parc de Prince, but still. Stay objective.

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5. Be objective, take a step back in your stakes.

Before the game, analyze all situations and the context of the match. Absent players, states of form, series, confrontations between the two teams. Although analyzing all the details can quickly become an obsession, we advise you not to bet in an excited state and always take a step back before betting on sports.

6. Learn how to get out of the game after a bad streak.

You're sad after losing bets, maybe it's time to apply Rule 5, take a step back again. There is no point in bothering yourself, sometimes you just need to stop a bad streak.

7. Don't get hung up on greed.

If a bad streak can start quickly, it's often because when you lose a bet, all you have to do is play again to win. But believe me, there's nothing good about playing fast without thinking about it.

8. Even if you win, don't worry!

Be careful not to lose your head, you can lose everything and burn through all your accomplishments in the blink of an eye. Those achievements you have been collecting for so long. So withdraw your winnings or start a new bet.

9. Before you place your bets, set a game budget for yourself.

It's the weekend, there are cool posters out there, so cool! Plan your gambling budget before you check tempting bookie odds. This will help you not flare up and limit possible losses, reminding you that you are betting, be prepared to lose.

10. Create rules

You will need to make deposits as a betting player, but be careful and try to stick to weekly or monthly limits. In addition, for most bookmarks, you can set a deposit limit to help you avoid gambling under fire of temptation.

11. Listen to the soccer experts.

Take the time to analyze and follow your instinct, but from time to time it can be interesting to look at articles and reports from experts who analyze preliminary matches, this will give you an idea of the state of form at the moment.