This type of betting is in the list of additional ones in the bookmaker's office parimatch mirror link. To see them, you need to select the league and match of interest, and then click on the encounter link. A list of all bets for this match, which are offered by the bookmaker's office, will open. Now all you have to do is select the offer, click on the odds and enter the amount of the deal. Check all the data and confirm the deal.

What are the alternatives to this type of betting

Betting is characterized by the ability to know the result quickly. If the teams exchange goals quickly, you can immediately switch to another meeting. The same quick result is distinguished by the betting on the total. You need to guess the number of goals that will be scored in the match. As soon as the clubs manage to score the desired number of goals, the bet will be played.

Strategies by sport

To play successfully, you need to work on a strategy, random betting will only bring harm and make you part with most of your bank. Any strategy needs to be tested, as a lot will depend on the size of the pot and your style of play.


Low scoring guests. You need to choose championships in which teams score a lot. It will take a club that in the last five meetings could not score a goal and is now preparing for an away match. According to statistics, clubs rarely have a series without goals longer than six or seven matches. Carefully analyze the teams' lineups, look at the stats and make a bet. If in doubt, check yourself with predictions.

Live. Soccer is famous for its unpredictability. Sometimes the first game is completely inexpressive and in the second one the goals start coming one after another. But the beginning of the match is usually quiet, the opponents look at each other. At this time, the odds on "Both to Score" will go up. Wait no longer than 20 minutes and place your bet.


Express. The peculiarity of such bets on hockey is not very high quotes. That's why you can combine several events in a parlay to increase your profits. But you have to remember that as the possible profit increases, so do the risks. Hockey forecasts can help you find suitable matches quickly. Here you will find betting options from professionals with detailed justification and real bookmaker odds.

Combination bet Both to Score P1. You can also use total or penalty minutes betting instead of P1. The meaning is also to increase the possible profits. But here you need a more thorough analysis, because it is necessary not only to find clubs that are set to score, but also to understand the nature of the game opponents.